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Foldable silicon bowl -...

T4+V (Screen/cliche) + pre-treatment

die Code: 8854424

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8019903

Pepper mill XXL

L2 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8327207

Bamboo chopping board w...

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8887201

CrisMa cutlery set

T4 (stamp/silk print)

die Code: 8141301

Chopping board made of ...

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8328401

Double Wall Stainless S...

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8287007

Spaghetti set

ET (N1) (label 29cm2)

die Code: 8140907

Lunch box

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8351707

Kitchen timer

T3 (stamp print)

die Code: 4353406

Fleece picnic and sofa ...

TT2 (thermotransfer)

die Code: 6690244

Mortar made of ceramics

C2 (ceramic decal)

die Code: 8344106

Silicon lunch box

T4+V (Screen/cliche) + pre-treatment

die Code: 8005424

Fried egg form

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 83569mc

Creme Brulee torch

T3+V (Screen/cliche) + pre-treatment

die Code: 9004503

Non-woven apron

TC (digital thermotransfer 35cm2)

die Code: 8863013

Pizza cutter with bottl...

T2 (stamp print)

die Code: 8853204

Stainless metal hip fla...

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 6570307

XXL plaid with PVC bag

HF (Computer embroidery)

die Code: 6757401

4 stainless steel caps

L2 (laser engraver)

die Code: 6574003

BBQ tongs

L3 (laser engraver)

die Code: 8339603

Set of 4 felt trivets

TT1 (thermotransfer)

die Code: 8885507

T4+V (Screen/cliche) + pre-treatment

die Code: 8034729

S1 (screen printing)

die Code: 6049201