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Psychology of advertising - do advertising gadgets build brand awareness?

What is the point of displaying your logo on advertising gadgets? Is it just a nice gesture in connection with an event where you should give a small gift from yourself? Will a small gadget with a logo really contribute to building awareness of your brand among potential recipients? If you've ever wondered whether investing in corporate promotional gifts is a good idea, this article will help dispel your doubts.

Gadgets with the company logo - it really works!

Do you know brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple or Tesla? They are known for great products, but their success is largely due to their recognition, which they built by emanating their brand around the world, in the media and in outdoor advertising.

Frequent display of the logo affects our brain in the subliminal sphere, making us completely unconsciously feel more and more positive about a given brand. * It turns out that this is not any magic advertising tricks but a simple psychological mechanism, called the effect of pure exposure. It was more closely examined in 1968 by the American social psychologist Robert Zajonc, who proved that the more we see a given person / product / symbol or hear a certain sound, the more we like it and choose it in the future. An advertising gadget with a logo is a great way to appear in the everyday life of your potential customers!

Importantly, the exposure to the brand logo does not have to be made aware of - it is enough that a person sees it casually enough for their brain to assign positive associations to it.

Get noticed - display your company's logo on advertising products

A pen with the brand's logo, or maybe a calendar that the customer reaches for several times a day? Consider which products your potential customers are most likely to use or surprise them with such an original corporate gift that they will not want to part with it! At Macma Polska you will find thousands of ideas for original gadgets with a logo that will win the hearts of your customers! We mark advertising accessories, including laser, screen printing, pad printing or engraving, so you can be sure that your logotype will be permanently applied to the product.

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* the basic assumption is a neutral or positive initial attitude to the product logo