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Children's Day gadgets - what to buy? See the most interesting company gifts for the youngest.

Give children joy! Advertising gadgets with your brand's logo will be a great gift for the kids of your employees and customers, especially during the upcoming children's day, but not only. Gadgets for the youngest will also be great during family corporate events or during holiday trips. By gifting children, you warm up the image of your brand and bring joy not only to the little ones, but also to their parents.What gifts should you choose for the little ones to make them truly happy? In this post, we present the most interesting advertising gadgets for children:

1. Coloring page kite for kids

Remember the wind tickling your face as you stared at your kite soaring in the skies? Who were you then? A fighter pilot or an explorer who sends a sky reconnaissance probe to find out what the clouds are made of? Children have limitless imaginations, so a kite with a logo that they can color according to their idea will make them even more fun! Because the things we put our hearts into are the most appreciated things.

2. 4 in a row game

This colorful game will bring a lot of fun not only to children, but also to adults. The foldable structure makes it easy to take it with you on vacation or on the train to make the time spent together. The game teaches perceptiveness and cleverness, and its rules are already understandable to preschoolers.

3. Jenga type game

Great fun for the whole family! The game with the brand's logo made of natural wood is sustainable and ecological. What's more, the bricks can be used to build not only tall towers, but also a car park or a stud for pink unicorns. The creativity of children knows no bounds, which is why such multifunctional toys are a proven gift for years of great fun!

4. Coloring book for children

This is a set for a small artist who likes to spend time creatively at home or on the go. We find here 6 wooden crayons, a sharpener, an eraser and a set of 30 various coloring books. Everything is packed in a cardboard briefcase with a handle for easy carrying. Drawing outdoors, or maybe coloring pages together in kindergarten? Any imaginative toddler will love this set!

5. Ecological writing set

A pencil, a pen, an eraser, a sharpener and a ruler are accessories useful not only at school, but also when writing down holiday adventures! The whole thing is made of ecological, environmentally friendly materials and packed in a handy, cotton pencil case. This logo writing set is a great promotional gift for school children.

6. A cute, teddy bear with the brand logo

A fluffy bear cub can be a confidant of children's secrets and the best companion for peaceful nights. A smiling plush toy is one of the favorite toys of all children, both girls and boys. We will put the logo of our company on the scarf that the teddy bear has wrapped around its neck (the bear cares about its health and always protects its neck from the wind).

7. Ball to football

It will allow you to play many exciting matches with a group of colleagues. Team games teach children to cooperate and take care of their proper psycho-motor development. Give kids a soccer ball with a logo that will encourage them to be more active!