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Labelling group symbols: DO, DO1USB, DO2USB. 

Doming (resin sticker) is a labelling method that allows to achieve a nearly three-dimensional image. Colourful digital printout is covered with a layer of polyurethane resin that makes colours clearer and deeper. Resin layer has also protective properties - logo retains its colour and is damage resistant. The result is very esthetic and effective.

When labelling gadgets with the doming method we can make use of vector files or high quality bitmaps (resolution not less than 300 dpi) while keeping the original labelling size. Digital printers use the CMYK colour model so PANTONE, HKS, RGB and other colour systems are automatically changed into the CMYK palette. It may result in slight differences in colours that we are not able to control. A foil under a coating is cut with a cutting plotter thus minimal changes in size may appear. In order to avoid white background arising from the foil colour a 2 mm of bleed needs to be added. 

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