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Customise a gift to make it realize its advertising function. A permament logo put on a gadget is a perfect way to advertise your company successfully for a long time! To ensure our customers' convenience, we offer comprehensive services in terms of labeling promotional gifts. We label our own materials, as well as those provided by the customer.

Available marking methods:

Our printing house specialises in applying paint on various types of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, rubber, fabric, glass, etc. A team of experienced printers working on professional equipment will meet your expectations towards a reliable and not too expensive printing house. We guarantee high quality of created products and timeliness in realizing orders. As we own a well equipped printing station, we are able to provide comprehensive printing services covering the whole process - from creating a design and its structure, through preparing plates and discs to the printing. Our technological background enables us to offer competitive prices - our best advantage.