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Labelling group symbols: ST

Automatic multi-colour print is made on textiles with the use of a professional screen printing carousel. Prints are applied to any kind of advertising clothes (t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts) and cotton bags. Due to automation of the labelling process, big orders in short time are possible.

Screen Printing on textiles advantages:

  • Colours - clear, deep colours and possibility to print tonal transitions
  • Durability - paints used in this method are permanent - they are resistant to moisture, UV radiation, mechanical damages, washing
  • Time - due to automation big orders in short time are possible
  • Entrusted goods - we do screen printing on entrusted goods 

To place an order for labelled products, you need to be a registered customer of Macma Polska Sp. z o.o and then use one of the options: