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One of the many possibilities of using laser engraving and digital printing is making various types of stickers, labels and tags. When marking gadgets with labels, we can use vector files or high-quality bitmaps (resolution not less than 300 dpi) while maintaining the original size of the marking. Digital printers use CMYK colors, which is why the PANTONE, HKS, RGB and other colours will be automatically converted into a CMYK palette, which may cause minor differences in colour shades, which is something beyond our control.

1. Sticker-labels are prepared on laminated self-adhesive paper. The full colour printing is made using a digital printer. The printing groups that use this technique are: ET (N1) to 29 cm2 and ET (N2) over 29 cm2. In the case of the ET group (N1), 7 different label sizes are available to choose from: 70x42, 70x37, 70x31, 66x38, 52x30, 48x25, 38x21 cm, while labels from the ET (N2) group can be made in any size and shape.

2. Our tags are made on a double-sided, black laminate. The pendants are aesthetic and work well for articles that cannot be labelled with other methods. Marking on tags can be done using a white laser engraving or UV digital printing in full color. Prices from the ET (Z) group are valid for standard tags with dimensions of 6 x 3.5 cm and area up to 20 cm2. The pendant will be attached to the product with a 15 cm long ball chain. The printing group that uses this technique is ET (Z).


The cost of an individual shape (custom-made) sticker-label up to 29cm2 is + 40% of the price for the ET (N1) sticker-label.

The advantages of using labels:

  • Tearing resistance
  • Durability in high and low temperatures
  • High detail of the marking
  • Possibility of choosing any shape

How to make an order:
If you would like to order gadgets with marking, you need to be a registered customer of Macma Polska Sp. z o. o. and use one of the following options:

- place an order via the webshop
- email your sales representative
- contact us at or + 48 71 330 54 60